Ours is a deliberately small company, well funded and thriving … and based in England.

We operate in the audiophile end rather than mass-market end of the industry and we deliberately keep a low profile. This is because every piece of LFD equipment is truly hand built – which means that production is not large and therefore every one of our models is subject to delivery delay varying from three weeks through to some months.

Demand for our products is steady and usually comes about through of word-of-mouth. We never advertise – although some of our retailers do so on our behalf. We’re grateful for this, but we don't encourage it as, for some years now (including the current recession), our order book has remained full and production near capacity.

Through choice, we have no marketing department and therefore we happily ignore the PR circus that is so important to some makers when asking favours from audio magazines.

Our products are occasionally reviewed and those that are, are never left on permanent loan with reviewers. That’s not the game we play. In fact .. we don’t play any games at all. With us, what you see is what you get. We let our products speak for us. We do respond to requests from publications for review samples, but we don’t employ anyone to raise our profile in the consumer press.

All of this might seem quaint, eccentric and old fashioned. Well, perhaps. However we and our customers rather like it like that!

Thank you.

Dr Richard Bews.